Can shoes be washed ?

Can shoes be washed ?

  • NO, absolutely no !


Why i cannot wash my shoes ?

1. Material are not waterproof

  • Leather shoes – Leather do not like water ! Leather are not waterproof.
  • Man-made shoes – Not waterproof material

p/s : if the shoes have waterproof material but the shoes is using cementing method, you still cannot wash your shoes.

2. Shoes are using cementing method

  • cemented shoe. : a shoe in which the outsole, upper, and insole are cemented together instead of being sewed. the glue for cementing the shoes will gone when approach too much water and your shoes will be destroy.

3. Color run

  • Some material of your shoes are treated by add on color, all the upper, lining, insole and outsole maybe will have color treated. If you wash your shoes, color maybe will run.
  • If you have shoes with cheap workmanship ,sometimes the feet have a lot of sweat, your insole or lining color will run off.

Suggestions :

  • Buy a new pair of shoes
  • Clean your shoes with dry cloths
  • Clean your shoes gently with wet tissue (Not for leather shoes)

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Can shoes be washed ? Can shoes be washed ? Can shoes be washed ? Can shoes be washed ? Can shoes be washed ?
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