About Us

Brand story

start from a day when founder having a tea chat at https://www.facebook.com/xuanteaandartgallery/after the tea chat, founder get tea drunk and magically start to invest in own business…

– Sep – start launch own e-commerce website :chew-collection.com
2017 –
– Jan – First collection ‘Trish’
– Aug – First mini booth at cyberjaya
2018 –
– Aug – First pop up mini booth at POP jayaone
2019 –

To be continue…

About Founder

I am study fashion design at the past, with the behavior of a designer my biggest struggle was finding a pair of shoes that fit well on my Malaysian feet, (most of the shoes made in china not fit in malaysian feet) not just looking good and fit, i want it quality wise ,durable wearing and affordable without using customize service that need high budget. While i work at a footwear company for several years,  I start to share the knowledge and start my own Chew Collection .
— Chew, Founder of Chew Collection


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